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Thursday, 29 August 2013


Stone Sheep - sketch made at recent visit to Woolstone Mill House near Uffington White Horse
Fiona Rae in Flight - old sketchbook image from Cairo days spruced up in Illustrator

A Peaceful rooftop scene from St John's Nursing Home sketched then  adapted using Adobe Illustrator

rendering mistake whilst experimenting with dropping cloth onto spheres in 3DS Max

Part of the "Graveyard of Forgotten Dreams" interactive 3D environment

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Supernormal sketches

Finally made it to SupernormalFestival which was a weird mix of experimental music, avant garde art and death metal. Here are the doodles I done whilst roaming in the gloaming.

Check out the ZZ Top escapee on the right - great set from this electro/rhythm combo

This image also made it into the Supernormal Zine edited by Ghostfuck's Lizzie Maries

Before I saw David Broughton I chatted to some guy who told me DB had been living in North Korea for 4 years prior to returning for this, his first gig. He'd gone with the intention of using his time there for inspiration, but hadn't created anything new at all in the entire time, perhaps as a result of the oppressive atmosphere. My source also added that he'd also been told that the above is a national delicacy, although I suspect this is CIA misinformation :)

This guy, David Broughton, was probably my festival highlight musically - he incorporated folk guitar, spoken word, electronic repetition, radio randomness, mike glitches and even packing up became part of the performance. The picture on the left was inspired by a lyric (at top) which induced me to draw the portait I'd been about to attempt with my eyes closed. At right, he complained of bronchitis, got pissed off and sat in a chair drinking a Guinness whilst the loops he'd made popped and whirled uncontrollably around him. The phrase is the last thing he said before leaving the stage.

Below is a triptych starting with me holding a portrait painted in 15 minutes by quick sketch artist Brenda Zlamany who achieved internet fame last year by painting 888 Taiwanese Portaits in 4 months.  She uses a curious optical device called a Camera lucida. Centre is my 30-second sketch of her drawn in a rush as I was heading to the car to leave the festival and finally on the right is Izzy (?) from Bath (?) who facepainted me with a cool hand clutching an eye in a cube design I found on a badge. This of course allowed me to make the claim that I'd had my face painted twice in half an hour ;)
this guy was walking round in circles like an escapee fro the ministry of silly walks; i feel like him right now as I'm having to re-re-do this for the 2nd time.  Have I mentioned how much I hate Blogger?
This was a truly inspirational event, had much fun doing the life drawing classes, taking part in the Talkaoke table discussion, talking about the future of Art funding, making puppets with the Chutney theatre and much more. I'll write some more about it here later probably...  
Letraset madness