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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Hyper Realism

Sam Jinks
Ron Mueck
Charlie White

but is it art?#

This was but it was censored

This was why I got distracted from more postmodernism stuff

Ice Music

I went to an amazing concert of Norwegian Ice Music at the north wall

Gallery Round Up

Haven't got into the habit of this yet, so here's a load of stuff in brief that I've been to in no particular order:

The Screen as Landscape: An exhibition in Kingston of largescale paintings of computer screenshots - the artist Dan Hays meticulously copying the individual pixels; I had a similar idea for oil paintings of jpeg 'artifacts' caused by compression

Emma Hart - somewhere I have a drawing of this curiously disorientating exhibition of digital cameras acting as miniature tvs - the camera's pointed at different parts of the room and short segments of the artist doing odd things such as making repetitive noises or abstract poses so that when played they seem to show a timeslip.

Also went to something spooky at the Serpentine - This artist Anri Sala had recorded a couple of short, suspenseful films based around "Should I stay or Should I go" by the clash (a man carrying a music box playing the song wanders around a seemingly deserted city). A self-playing snare drum was a memorable feature.

On the same evening I also popped in to see someone painting with remote control cars in the Royal Geographical society - guy called Ian Cook (/). Cute, technically clever, left me empty.

Closer to home I went to see Abraham Cuzvillegas exhibition of a giant mobile made out of copies of the shrunken heads from the Pitt Rivers (one of my favourite hidden 'gems' of oxford) Sort off felt a bit disrespectful somehow, both to the tradition and to the person who's head was cast. Did make a freaky sculptur tho!

in the next room there was a very interesting piece by kerry Tribe about the end of the Soviet era space programme, and a room containing a reel to reel tape conversation about UFOs which wound it's way across the walls, constantly re-recording and deleting itself. It reminded me of my time working with large tape machines at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory - constantly clicking and twitching in their alcoves...

Almost went to see Apocalypse exhibition at the tate britain, but couldn't afford it, and they threw me out for trying to break in. Killjoys :(