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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

CD imprint

I was pleased & surprised by having this thrust into my hand at the Harcourt Arms open mic night a few months back - a picture I had painted of these two busking on cornmarket (which they'd photographed) had been turned into this nifty cd design.  Sadly not credited, but it's still my 1st :)

Lacquer paintings from Vietnam

 These are probably the two pieces of art I'm most proud of, and represent me in some ways - One is haunting, spiritual, and dreamlike; the other is silly, quirky and worldly.  I guess I can be both too.

They took probably more than a month to complete - the process is very long winded and requires a huge amount of patience and control - which I possess in very limited supply - although I often claim that the patchiness is deliberate, I actually over polished both these pieces - the clouds in the left hand painting are to patch hole in the silver blue layer (real silver powder btw!) and the uneven colouring of the sky in the righthand painting annoyed me even more! again caused by over rubbing. The heart is gold leaf.

These both remind me that I can really make things of beauty & significance, that touch or influence people, and I commit to making more art that reflects these disparate worlds.

Monday, 23 April 2012

One Busy Day

Saturday was bare crazy - went to 5 gigs

2 violists @ the Scandinavian Folk Music session
@ far from the Madding Crowd, Part of Oxford Folk Weekend.
These were drawn live onto a Bamboo graphics tablet.

Image based on in house projection @ Modern Art Oxford

Deviant, experimental beats & sounds
Factory fodder

We're Still young
Too many miles to Go
Still moving up
Like a broken Sun

Clattering, Caterwauling post-industrial clanking with Ginger Ice Maiden & Psychotic Hoodie wearing guitarist. 
Got my dancing juices activated for
Flash! Ahhhhh!
Coloureds @ the cellar; the afterparty of the Truck store / Oxford Music Scene organised gigs for Indie Record Shop Day
Wasn't satisfied with these pics, hoping to do more and maybe make an animation as one of their videos.

Lino cuts...

1st attempt -nice lines but backwards text
2nd try, mock 3 panel comic - also back

I got very emotional when this workesd; I actually made somethin
clocking in card & machine

the original fish plates

Friday, 20 April 2012

Norwegian roadtrip

here's my my latest masterpiece ("drive by sketching on a Norwegian roadtrip") made by using Adobe Illustrator & stitching together 15 pencil sketches I made on the road between Bodo & Mosjoen - absolutely stunning landscape of snowswept peaks and frozen lakes.  The pics were done in the car, and I tried to do them as I could see the objects - in other words they were very hasty 1-2 minute drawings.  I'm considering colouring it in, especially the sky, but I like this version's simplicity

 There's another version on my page - good excuse to plug that space too i suppose.

it's got all my contact details - twitter, facebook, this blog & youtube.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Anonymous Anonymous protestor, Occupy LSX, St Paul's, final days of campaign

Grayson Perry

Long overdue response to the Tomb of the UNknown Craftsman at the British Museum

I am what I am



(not my age, who I want to be)

we are inspired by what we see

Can art be social revolutionary?

these things were made by me

Be the change you want to see