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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Troublesome techno-image Trials

Here's the updated picture I just did from the scan Piotr sent me- part of me likes the messed up ones even better :) - what do you think?

Was at Freud's the other night and did a cool little sketch bar guy / DJ Peter, photoed it, gave it to the chap (who played some sweet minimalist techno and spanish trance)

The pics i took on my nokia where blurred & it's been frustrating trying to get the lines sharp.

just black & white desturated

autoTraced in Illustrartor using threshold 200

I wanted a pure image to work from to get rid of the "noise", so tried to sharpen the image and remove speckles  or noise from the original photo.  I didn't really get what I wanted (so far),

However, the attempts have yielded some interesting messed up results, which could prove inspirational :)

despeckle in GiIMP on high radius (14)

despeckled from colour with recursive on

more despeckle experiments

wonderful ghost image using very high despeckle settings in GimP

recursive on

 saw the Dj on port meadow, and he said he was going to scan and send me a better copy - so, let's see what happens :)

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