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Thursday, 14 June 2012

An Explanation

I should explain that I'm in th process of uploading some final work to go with the Work in Progress_ exhibition at  OCVC Banbury Arts Centre.

The original idea was to improve on existing unfinished work which was mounted on the wall.

I was going to  solicit ideas for additions, improvements and continuations from visitors to the show. I was also going to get punters to help out with the production of the artwork through collaborating, and delegating, some of the tasks involved (printing, collecting raw materials, paper cutting, drawing sketches etc).  I had begun the process of inviting guests to select and arrange the artwork according to taste in the display area.

The aim was to have a set of completed collaborative artworks at the end of the run of the show.  I intended to remain in the foyer area the entire time, with only toilet, food beaks.  This was part of a performance aspect to the show.  It was to invite the public to see into the inner world of the creative process; the methodology, the inspirations, the choices,  the stress!

Unfortunately fate/the gods/myself intervened, and that exercise in interactive art creation never happened (story of my life!)

However, rather than give in to maudlin self-recrimination, I determined to carry on.

I've attempted to emulate the scenario by asking friends and family for suggested changes, I've joined the Oxford Printmakers Collective and finished off rough versions of some of the panels I intended to make for the Waiting Room sequence. I've scanned and adapted some of the work and made digitised versions, some of which you see here. Mostly I've tried to keep my chin up, throw myself into other projects (the Goggenheim, Hotel Babylon, the Time Travellers' Guild, 3D experimentation) & learn to channel my angel/anger into good, productive things.

It's been a real trial by fire over the last month or so, quite litrally (say my bandaged feet!), and I've definately changed over the last weeks. I am determined not to let personality clashes, personal problems, propaganda and acts of gOd get in the way of me putting my creative abilities to the test/good use. I feel that I have a fire for making public, interactive, socially beneficial art events, and by golly I'm going to do something great with this gift.

I've abused people's good will considerably with this project, and I'd like to thank Martine Votvik, Merlin, Steph Manning, Bob & Louise Summers (who's studio was invaluable in giving me space to think & carve), Mum&Dad, gOd, the People of Guatemala, the pope, my agent yadda yadda.  If I missed you it's because I have zero recall :0

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