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Monday, 28 May 2012

So Much Afoot!

First things is that I managed to set fire to both my feet on saturday, and have to go for (possible) plastic surgery tomorrow.

on of the saddest things was that it burnt a poster I'd been allowed to take from a gallery in Oslo. It was really inspirational, colourful & had loads of great graphics, band logos and so on.  I'd planned to give it to a friend who admired it, after I scanned it, but hadn't had a chance to.  I hope to either scan and reproduce it with a team of graphic design helpers and/or ask for a new copy from the people who made it.  I'm sure they'd send me another one if they knew how I stamped on it to put it out and gave myself 3rd degree burns!


Second is I'm helping the Time Travellers Guild create some innovative ways of Showing [people] a collective VISION OF THE FUTURE. I went to the inaugural  the Time Travellers Guild  event held in the DOT bar in Dalston!  It was also spookily a bloc away from another bar called the 23!

Third, & as a result of going to that, I've been asked to contribute to the Hotel Babylon project run by Madregal W.  It'll take place on 20th-22nd June, and she's asked for logistical support, assistance with the set up / take down & I hope, a chance to show off some of the anaglyphic 3d ideas that i'll be posting up on tumblr soon.  I hope to produce a series of social revolutionary 3d woodblock / linocut prints  which I also want to submit to the

4, Bite 2 exhibition - deadline's coming up so gotta remember to file my application!

5 recently supported my amazing friend Martine Votvik's performance art piece "Gynometry" which she did the first experiment of at the end of second year show at Kingston.  Basically I personned the stations in hitech HQ - and checked the live streaming aspect of her work functioned and invited guests to view the act as it unfolded.  Armpit hair weighs about .003 grams apparently :)

6.  I'm working on a gig with the Goggenheim, an Oxford based Operatic SpacePunk band - they're an amazing group, with a fantastic, unique lead singer called Grace Exley who used to be a Banbury arts student! They're playing on the 31st May in the Bullingdon Arms, Cowley Road, and I'd like to invite everyone who's reading this to come down!

7. Saving myself & then the Planet!

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